LinchPin Leadership
The LinchPin Leadership approach was developed by SEA to address the most crucial things an organization needs to accomplish while maintaining alignment with strategic objectives. It is an efficient, coordinated method tuned for heightened performance by individuals and teams for accomplishing the most essential objectives (“LinchPins”) that are linked to the goals of stakeholders – all within a specified time frame. LinchPin Leadership methodologies are available from SEA that are tailored for use with teams and individuals.

Advisory Services for Senior Leaders

As advisors to the top of the house, our approach is to first understand the way your organization operates and the goals for its success. We make use of this information to help you solve the sophisticated business challenges and talent issues that are on your minds as business owners. We also understand that the relationship between the senior-most leadership and the board is a critical one to get right and we can help new leaders prepare for C-Suite transitions.

Through interviews and other methods, we gather and combine multiple sources of information, provide feedback, and sketch a picture of the organization and it’s environment. This knowledge is used to provide a plan and guidance for future decisions and actions.

Team Development and Advanced Education

SEA’s advisors help new teams develop and existing teams resolve performance-impacting problems. We start with clarification of the relevant business vision and strategy and then proceed to address team structure, functioning and outcomes. We work with a range of team types, from senior leadership teams as well as other teams throughout an organization. We also pay attention to how each member contributes to the team and an advisor provides individualized team member attention as a given project may require. 


SEA provides organizational and individual assessment services for a variety of purposes including career guidance, executive coaching, team development, leadership capabilities and tracking outcomes.

We can use existing assessment tools, customize existing surveys, or create new materials tailored to unique circumstances. We provide feedback and reporting on the results, and help stakeholders strategically integrate the findings.

Career Guidance for Executives & Professionals

In today’s world, the notion of “career” has shifted and has different meanings for each generation. Most people will have numerous roles during their years spent working and the lines between work and “life” may not always be clearly delineated. Navigating this landscape takes attention, skill and a solid understanding of oneself and the external realities.

We have many years of experience helping guide executives and professionals along their career paths. We use a mix of conversation, interviews, assessment and other resources to construct a picture of informed possibilities as to your next move. And, as you make decisions, we can be there to coach you along the way.

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